Les candidatures



Everything I can imagine is real….

Andrea Bonilla Bulacio

If i had my one day with a Picasso.. I’d do what Picasso would.. wash the dust of daily life off my soul! I’d get my art equipment and OBVIOUSLY I’d paint (abmalen)!! . oh yes.. I’d have my personal date with it…painting… put on music … feel inspired and I’d like to share the experience on my art Insta blog where I’m always posting about my own art, poetry and just art in general… have a look if u want @daily_dose_of_i_like …. .anyway.. if I’m honest..I’D LIKE TO INVITE OTHER DIE HARD FAN/PARTICIPANTS !WHOS DREAM IS SAME AS MINE!!is that Ok? Art is there to be shared!!!! my auntie is a die hard fan and she lives in Schaffhausen so of course she and my best friend (painter/artist) are joining…my dad is a musician. He will play some music ..i really imagine this evening to be artsy and beautiful and free…and I’m so thankful for this opportunity ..im nervous. Thank u so much !!! DANKE SCHÖN(btw … ich spreche Deutsch und Spanisch aber English ist meine Kunst Sprache)